• Live Feedback during Rehabilitation
    Live feedback during
    rehabilitation exercises

Support during -rehabilitation exercises

Monitor the weight on a leg, continuously, wirelessly and in real-time.

  • The SensiStep Sandal registers the weight on al leg while walking
  • The SensiStep Sandal registers the weight on al leg while walking
Sandal with Sensor
The Sensi gives direct feedback during Physical Therapy Sensi
The StepApp shows the weight exerted on a leg in a graph Tablet
The Web Portal gives an overview of the SensiStep exercises Web Portal
  • Use SensiStep during Physical Therapy Exercises or in Outpatient Settings
    Use SensiStep during physical therapy
    exercises or in outpatient settings

Advantages for the..

Healthcare professional

Monitor the weight in real-time

Continuous recording

Easy to Use

Rehabilitating patient

Live feedback on weight

Removes uncertainty during exercise

Convenient to wear

  • SensiStep provides advantages for Healthcare Professionals and Rehabilitating Patients
    "With SensiStep I can see if my patient
    is exerting the right amount of weight
    on his/her leg during their exercises."
    Charlotte Klop-Gardeniers,
    physical therapist
    at University Medical Center Utrecht

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